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There’s no need to lose sleep over noisy neighbours. If you’re finding that external sounds are ruining your day, or you’re trying to prevent your music room from ruining someone else’s, then you’ve come to the right place. Soundproofing R Us has over 15 years of experience in quality soundproofing solutions for every scenario possible.
Our soundproofing services are capable of achieving up to a 90% improvement in noise levels, and we even offer a 2 year guarantee of all of our workmanship. Our experienced team is friendly, punctual, reliable, and knows how to take care of your home with the up-most respect before, during, and after work is being completed. We pride ourselves in offering tailormade soundproofing solutions suited to your unique needs so that you can achieve the highest level of service satisfaction. We’re fully-insured specialists in the installation of systems that comply to Part E Regulations, plus we’re the recommended installers of Phonestar Products (dB Boards) and SRU Insulation making us a popular choice amongst customers – which is likely why we’re the top-rated soundproofing provider on Checkatrade!

We provide expert soundproofing solutions that are able to reduce noise levels by up to 90%. We’re specialists in the installation of systems that comply to Part E Regulations and are the recommended installers of Phonestar Products (dB Boards) and SRU Insulation.

With over 15 year experience in the industry on projects ranging from music room soundproofing to soundproof floors, ceilings and walls we have become established industry names. Take a look at our past projects in our gallery.

We’re the best rated soundproofing company on Checkatrade and our excellent customer reviews speak for themselves. Check out our past customer testimonials to get to know a little bit more about the service that we offer and our customer experiences.

Our Noise Complaint Experience

Over the years we have encontered a huge range of noise issues in both domestic and commerical environments and devised great solutions for achieving up to 90% sound improvement. Here are some of the most common noise problems that we have experience installing solutions for:
  • - Loud footsteps
  • - Music playing
  • - Aeroplane noise
  • - Noisy neighours
  • - Children playing
  • - Loud television
  • - Baby crying
  • - Loud conversations
  • - Furniture being moved
  • - Things falling
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