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Music Room Soundproofing Services

Whatever your music skill level is, our professional soundproofing can give you the privacy that you deserve.

Want to be able to play, listen or record music in your own music studio? Our music studio soundproofing can help, removing any worries about disturbing others. Our high-quality soundproofing panels minimise airborne transmission by up to 90%!

You don’t have to worry about fitting, we can provide all the materials and experienced fitters to ensure your music studio soundproofing is up to a professional standard.

We provide you with a bespoke service and high-quality soundproofing materials to soundproof your music room, so, get your free quote here, and let’s get started.

Our Music Studio Soundproofing Systems


We are more than happy to discuss suitable solutions for your music studio.

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We Are Experts in Soundproofing Music Rooms and our Services are Perfect For…

  • Professional music studios
  • Hobbyist music studios
  • Improving the acoustic environment in your music studio
  • Limiting sound transmission between environments

How We Deliver Our Music Studio Soundproofing Services…

  • We visit you at your music recording studio.
  • We discuss with you your requirements for the music studio soundproofing process, step by step.
  • We discuss what you would like to achieve and the suitable materials that you require.
  • We provide you with an estimated time frame and cost for the work to be carried out with no obligation.
  • If you decide that you would like to go ahead with our services, we will discuss the soonest available dates for the work to be carried out.
  • After the expert fitting is complete, we ensure that we leave your place, just as we found it.

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Why People Trust Us for Their Music Studio Soundproofing Needs…

  • We provide exceptional quality music room soundproofing
  • We provide studio sound insulation solutions tailored to you and your needs
  • We provide a two-year guarantee on all our products and fitting
  • We provide free no-obligation visits
  • We help you achieve up to 90% noise level reduction
  • We have an average score rating of 9.88 from
  • We have over 15 years of experience within the industry
  • We have experience with a wide range of projects
  • We stay up to date on all the latest industry specifications and product developments
  • We’re fully-insured specialists in the installation of systems that comply with Part E regulations

“Amazing service and professionalism with fantastic value for money and great quality work. I called up spontaneously and they got my job booked in and completed within two weeks (compared to the 5-6 week lead time from everyone else). They talked me through all the options and were super responsive and helpful throughout. The team was able to come on a Saturday for a reasonable additional fee and arranged a follow-up with the decorator for the next day. Left my place tidy and the whole experience was smooth and painless.”

What to Do Next

Are you looking for a reliable company to soundproof your music studio? We provide the ideal solutions!

Our soundproofing panels not only reduce noise levels but also improve the audio quality of your studio. Music studios soundproofed with our panels will be warm and comfortable, allowing you to focus on creating the music you love.

We have over 15 years of experience in soundproofing music rooms with all sound levels, so you can be assured that you are capable hands.

Contact us to arrange a date so we can visit you at your home with a no-obligation visit and discuss our soundproofing methods and materials.

You can call us, or email us at 0800 152 2234 &

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Soundproofing Music Studios FAQs

Here at Soundproofing R Us, we have options suited to all budgets and venues, meaning there is a soundproofing option to suit your needs and price tag. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work & services, yet we will try to offer a cheaper solution. However, the cost will always be determined by the size, specification and level of soundproofing required to improve your music studio soundproofing.

At the low end, your tradesperson would be insulating an existing stud wall, with the average project costs coming in at £700 for materials and £1,100 for labour per wall.

The timescale of a soundproofing project depends on the size and complexity of the job. Generally speaking, it takes around 2-5 days to complete most music studio soundproofing projects. However, this can be shorter or longer depending on the complexity of the job. Every project is different and our team will discuss how long your soundproofing installation will take during the consultation.

We will always listen to our clients, and work closely with you to ensure that any music studio sound proofing project is completed within your budget. By keeping you in the loop and consulting with you to ascertain all of your wants and needs, we can provide you with a soundproofed recording studio that grants the best soundproofing insulation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require a home visit, quotation or professional, no-obligation and friendly advice.