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Established in 2006, Soundproofing R Us is a well respected name in the domestic soundproofing market.

We have extensive experience in the construction and soundproofing industries. Since starting Soundproofing R Us, our teams have successfully completed more than 2400 soundproofing projects to date and adding to this total each week.

Soundproofing has become a necessity in busy cities and new products are launched regularly to meet demand and combat increasing noise pollution. Soundproofing R Us stays up to date on all the latest industry and product development and is continuously designing new solutions to solve noise problems for our customers.

Our core market will always be period conversions but our portfolio also includes a wide range of properties all over the UK from brand new developments to 17th century cottages.

We also offer installation of music, rehearsal and recording studios both in-home and in outbuildings. Our installations create the perfect environment for musicians and artists in which to work comfortably.

We have achieved a fantastic 9.85 rating based on over 300 reviews on, the UK’s leading listing site for tradespeople. You can also have a look at our review and advice on Homes&Property.

We offer a two-year workmanship guarantee on all our installations.

Why not give us a call on 0793 0374623 or email us on  with your requirements.

Soundproof these key areas in your home

Resilient Bar Ceiling System,Genie Clip Ceiling System,Maxi Iso Hanger C Ceiling System,Iso Hanger C Ceiling System,Maxi Independent Ceiling System,Independent Ceiling System

Like for Like Wall System,Res Bar Wall System,Genie Clip Wall System,M20 Panel Wall System,Batten Wall System,Independent Wall System,Maxi Independent Wall System.

19mm Sound Plank Underfloor,Rockwool & MLV50
SRU Floor Hanger,Rockwool and Soundlay+ Triple Barrier Mat,DB Boards with Rockwool,Rockwool and Defender35 – Floating Floor,Defender35, Triple and Wool Floating Combo Floor,Defender35, DB Board and Wool Floating Combo Floor

We design and build Music Studios and Rehearsal Rooms

We supply and Install diffuser panels to Meeting rooms, Offices, Restaurants and Classrooms