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Soundproofing By Room

At London Soundproofing R Us, we provide a wide range of room soundproofing services on a large range of project types. We cover wall soundproofing, floor soundproofing and ceiling soundproofing. Our sound-absorbing materials reduce the levels of noise by up to 90%.

Our soundproof insulation minimises sound transition, so whatever room you are in, we guarantee that with our high-quality soundproofing panels and expert fitting, your life will become much easier and you will be exposed less to unwanted sounds. Are you looking to have soundproofing installed?

Room Soundproofing

Do You Have A Loud Hobby or Would Like More Privacy?

We Supply Sound Insulation for Walls, Ceilings and Floors for All Rooms!

Whatever your room soundproofing goals are, if you have a recording studio at home, would like to limit noise from a child’s playroom, you need to take confidential calls in your commercial office, or if you have noisy neighbours, room soundproofing provides additional layers of protection to limit unwanted noise.


Are you looking to soundproof your bedroom? Our soundproofing panels limit sound transition by up to 90%. 

  • If your bedroom is on a main road, near flight routes
  • If you have loud neighbours
  • If you live in a busy area with lots of foot traffic
  • If you work nights and would like to limit sound during the day
  • Have children that might wake up in noisy locations and you need to limit incoming noise

The Resilient Bar Wall System would be a great option to minimise airborne noise whilst maintaining the available space in your room.


Sheds can be a great place for hobbies, but sometimes their thin walls can let in a lot of noise. Our soundproof insulation minimises sound transmission and makes it easier to focus on the task at hand.

Whether your shed is located near a busy road or you’re looking to keep noisy tools away from neighbours, our soundproofing panels provide an effective solution. 

Our Batten Wall System improves on airborne and impact noise being transmitted between two properties or our Genie Clip Wall System which is a less space-imposing option. They provide maximum improvement for airborne noise and would be ideal options for soundproofing your shed walls whilst keeping the available space.


Garages have a multitude of uses other than storing cars. They provide an ideal location for performing noisy activities, music studios, storage and for using everyday machines.

Sometimes garages can be joined onto a neighbour’s house, so creating a sound barrier for you and the outside location would be beneficial for sound reduction.

Garage owners looking to soundproof their walls would benefit from our Batten Wall System. This soundproofing improves airborne and impact noise being transmitted between two properties. For floor soundproofing, the Rockwool & MLV50 is an acoustic mineral wool & membrane solution that will help to reduce airborne noise with minimal floor height raise.


Offices also can be a place of distractions and interruptions. To maintain focus, offices should be soundproofed to keep out external noises such as traffic, construction and other general disturbances. By using soundproofing insulation and panels, you can create a space that is comfortable and free from unwanted noise.

Soundproofing offices also have the added benefit of:

  • Reduce echoing voices, which can be distracting & affect concentration. 
  • Create a conducive working environment with less incoming sounds.
  • Reduces stress and increases productivity
  • Improves sound quality and creates noise barriers
  • Reduces sound transfer between rooms

If your office is commercial, it is likely that you will receive sounds from numerous directions. Our 19mm Sound Plank Underfloor with Rockwool takes the edge off the airborne noise transference. 


We are more than happy to discuss suitable solutions for your room.

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Room Soundproofing FAQs

Yes, you can. Soundproofing a stud wall will still reduce noise transmission. In addition, reducing the amount of sound escaping from a room can help to prevent noise pollution, making it better for the environment as well. Noise reduction panels on a stud will effectively reduce noise levels.

Room soundproofing provides an extra layer of sound protection and can provide a number of benefits. It can help to keep out unwanted noise from outside sources, reduce sound levels, reduces distractions and enables you to focus on the tasks at hand. It also has the potential to create a more peaceful atmosphere in areas such as bedrooms and offices, making it easier to relax or concentrate.

Soundproofing will not cause a significant loss of space. In fact, soundproofing your room can increase the usable area in your room as it absorbs noise and echoes that would otherwise bounce around the space. Additionally, it can help to improve acoustics and make conversations clearer and more intelligible, making it easier to communicate in a noisy environment. Our products come in a range of thicknesses up to 6.5 inches to suit your requirements.