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Shed Soundproofing Services

Carrying out noisy work in your shed? We’ll professionally soundproof your shed from floor to ceiling, so you can keep yourself to yourself.

Do you want complete privacy in your shed and don’t want to worry about disturbing the neighbours with noisy activities? We can help you! By choosing our expert shed soundproofing services, you can relax and participate in any activities you want to, and best of all, we fit it for you, so you don’t have to worry about costly materials and fitting. So you can go back to being YOU!

We provide you with a bespoke service in soundproofing your shed, so, get your free quote here, and let’s get started.

Popular Systems for Sheds


We are more than happy to discuss suitable solutions for your shed.

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Our Shed Soundproofing Services are Perfect For…

  • Creative spaces – Do you like drumming or music? Our soundproofing delivers acoustic absorption for your music studio or music practice
  • Office spaces – Undertake private conversations without the worry of being overheard
  • Pets – Do you house pets in your shed? Create a safe and relaxed environment for them so they aren’t exposed to external noise and give them a private space
  • Mico bars/pubs – Have you created a place in the summer to hang out with friends? Soundproofing your shed would be a great idea to help limit unwanted noise

Why People Trust Us for Their Shed Soundproofing Needs…

  • We provide free no-obligation home visits
  • We help you achieve up to 90% noise level reduction
  • We have an average score rating of 9.88 from
  • We have over 15 years of experience within the industry
  • We have experience with a wide range of projects
  • We stay up to date on all the latest industry specifications and product developments
  • We’re fully-insured specialists in the installation of systems that comply to Part E regulations
“From quotation to completion, this company was great. Good price. Good communication. On the day the work was scheduled, the team arrived promptly, were very polite, did a great job and left the place clean. I have already recommended them to a friend!”

What to Do Next

London Soundproofing R Us has over 15 years of experience in quality soundproofing solutions for every scenario possible.

Our experienced team is friendly, punctual, reliable, and we know how to take care of your home with the utmost respect before, during, and after work is completed. We pride ourselves in offering tailor-made shed soundproofing solutions suited to your unique needs so that you can achieve the highest level of service satisfaction.

We will arrange a date to come and visit you at your home with a no-obligation visit.

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Shed Soundproofing FAQs

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work & services, yet we will try to offer cheap soundproofing. However, the cost will always be determined by the size, specification and level of soundproofing required to create your ideal soundproofed shed. Here at Soundproofing R Us, we have options for all budgets and venues, meaning there is a soundproofing option to suit your needs and price tag.

At the low end, your tradesperson would be insulating an existing stud wall, with the average project costs coming in at £700 for materials and £1,100 for labour per wall* fact check and may increase in price depending on the level of soundproofing you need.

Yes, effective soundproofing can help to prevent noise from coming in and out of your shed. Soundproofing creates a barrier between your shed’s internal and external space, blocking sound waves from travelling through walls and other surfaces. This barrier will absorb sound energy, preventing it from entering or leaving your internal space. At London Soundproofing R Us, we are able to reduce noise levels by up to 90% and our materials are suitable for the majority of garden buildings.

We offer our soundproofing services to a wide range of wooden structures, including sheds, garages, outbuildings, log cabins and more. Our team of experienced professionals are able to soundproof any wooden structure in the most efficient way possible. With extensive training and keeping on top of industry standards, we use top-of-the-line materials that are designed to block sound waves from entering or leaving your space, creating a peaceful environment.

Our shed soundproofing products are incredibly effective. From shed recording studios to children’s playrooms, our quality products and industry expertise will provide 90% noise reduction in your chosen location. We are well-equipped to soundproof original structures in your garden. We soundproof walls, ceilings and wooden floors. When we visit your location, we will discuss with you our recommendations for suitable products for your shed.

From small projects to ambitious projects, we provide effective soundproofing solutions for your garden-building project. All of our materials are an affordable soundproofing option and will deliver better sound reduction.

Our friendly & skilled team of soundproofing specialists will visit your premises and discuss the requirements of soundproofing your shed, step by step.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require a home visit, quotation or professional, no-obligation and friendly advice.