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Reduce the Echo with Wall and Ceiling Diffuser Panels

Soundproofing a room from outside noise, as well as ensuring that you’re isolating any noise coming from within a room, can be vitally important to any home, business or office. Whether you want to soundproof an office, keep out the external noise in a restaurant or even make sure that a classroom can be soundproofed, you should consider taking advantage of our expert soundproofing specialists & our diffuser services.


If noise is a problem in your restaurant, office or classroom and renovations aren’t possible, you still have plenty of soundproofing options available. It all depends on what the best soundproofing for walls in your situation is, considering things like cost, aesthetics and more. Luckily, there is a wide variety of sound absorption materials, as well as many soundproofing techniques, that can be added without major construction.


How Does Diffusion Work?

Sound absorption, acoustic isolation and sound insulation are the methods of selecting and installing materials that help to absorb sound, preventing it from reverberating in a space. These sound diffusion materials include the likes of diffuser panels and hanging baffles. Even carpets can help to absorb sound.


Diffuser panels don’t need to be unsightly either. Sound-absorbing panels are available in a wide range of colourful acoustic fabrics. You can even have the panels custom-printed with brand colours, logos or any other similar branding for some unique flair. Thanks to this, it’s easy to turn your ceiling or walls into stylish work of art that is, most importantly, sound-absorbing, while creating an enjoyable environment that’s more appealing to both your customers and employees.


Diffusion & Soundproofing for Offices, Meeting Rooms and Classrooms

Stress levels increase and productivity can fall due to noise reverberating through office areas. These spaces are normally sparsely furnished, with all of the hard surfaces reflecting conversations and noises. 

Installing ceiling & wall panels will instantly help to defuse & soundproofing these problem areas, offering more of a peaceful ambience in your area.

Benefits of Diffusion in Offices, Meeting Rooms and Class Rooms

  • Increase privacy in offices
  • Decrease distractions, so employees can easily stay on topic
  • Increase productivity by creating a space that supports concentration
  • Provide a better working environment
  • Make conversations clear, resulting in better communication between employees


Diffusion & Soundproofing for Restaurants and School Dining Rooms

Restaurants and Dining Rooms are notoriously noisy, all due to the hard surfaces reflecting noises. Customers will raise their voices to be heard and this will have a knock-on effect as employees in the room have to raise their voices too (also known as the cocktail effect). 

We aim to prevent this by designing effective layouts and installing sound-absorbing panels on the ceilings and walls in these rooms. If excessive noise is a problem in your restaurant, sound diffusing solutions can be a good investment.

Benefits of Restaurant Soundproofing

  • Improved experience for customers
  • Customers are more likely to recommend restaurants with a good ambience to others
  • Waiting staff can hear customer’s requests, reducing mistakes while taking orders