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Garage Soundproofing Services

Tinker with your car regularly? We will professionally soundproof your garage to give you the personal space that you need.

If you are someone who enjoys tinkering with your car or working on DIY projects in your garage, then you know how noisy it can get. Not only does the sound of power tools and machinery reverberate throughout the space, but it can also disturb others in your home or neighbourhood.

By adding proper insulation and sound-absorbing materials, you can reduce the amount of noise that escapes from your garage. 

Garage soundproofing does not have to be a difficult task, we have a simpler solution! We provide you with a bespoke service and a 2-year guarantee in garage soundproofing, so, get your free quote here and let’s get started on soundproofing your garage!

Popular Systems for Garages


We are more than happy to discuss suitable solutions for your bedroom.

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Our Cost-Effective Garage Soundproofing Services are Perfect For…

  • To reduce noise – If you live in a noisy neighbourhood or carry out noisy activities in your garage and want to reduce sound levels, soundproofing a garage can help reduce the level of noise that escapes and disturbs your neighbours or family members.
  • To create a quiet space – If you’re planning to use your garage as a workshop, music studio, or home office, our soundproof panels can help create a quiet and comfortable environment that’s free from outside noise. Our products provide a layer of insulation to reduce sound transmission by 90%.
  • More privacy – If you have a home gym or are using your garage as a living space, soundproofing can help increase privacy and prevent outside noise from disturbing your workout or relaxation time.
  • To improve energy efficiency – Our soundproofing materials can also help with heat gain, which can ultimately help reduce your energy bills.

How We Deliver Our Garage Soundproofing Services…

  • We visit your premises and investigate the main source of sound and provide suitable solutions.
  • We discuss with you your requirements for the garage soundproofing process, step by step.
  • We discuss what you would like to achieve and the suitable materials that you require, such as garage soundproofing for walls, ceilings and floors.
  • We provide you with an estimated time frame and cost for the work to be carried out with no obligation.
  • If you decide that you would like to go ahead with our services, we will discuss the soonest available dates for the work to be carried out.
  • After the expert fitting is complete, we ensure that we leave your place, just how we found it.

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Why People Trust Us for Their Garage Soundproofing Needs…

  • We provide free no-obligation home visits
  • We help you achieve up to 90% noise level reduction
  • We have an average score rating of 9.88 from
  • We have over 15 years of experience within the industry
  • We have experience with a wide range of projects
  • We stay up to date on all the latest industry specifications and product developments
  • We’re fully-insured specialists in the installation of systems that comply to Part E regulations

“You guys were very efficient, methodical and punctual workers. You have carried out a masterpiece of work. Very tidy workers. My faith in workmen has been reinstated after a bad experience with my previous worker. Thanks again guys. Job well done.”

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Create a sound barrier to your personal space! Minimise noise transmission with our quality products.

Our experienced team is friendly, punctual, reliable, and we know how to take care of your home with the utmost respect before, during, and after work is completed. We pride ourselves in offering tailor-made ceiling, floor and garage wall soundproofing solutions suited to your unique needs so that you can achieve the highest level of service satisfaction.

We have over 15 years of experience in fitting soundproofing in garages of all sizes, so you can be assured that you are capable hands.

Contact us to arrange a date so we can visit you at your home with a no-obligation visit and sound insulation solutions.

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Soundproofing Garages FAQs

Alongside incredible customer service, we provide installation of acoustic insulation materials, we seal off any gaps or cracks that allow sound to enter or exit the garage we then expertly install soundproofing panels where you require, even if it’s your entire garage!

We provide:

  • Soundproofing for garage walls
  • Soundproofing for garage floors
  • Soundproofing for garage ceilings

Here at Soundproofing R Us, we have options suited to all budgets and venues, meaning there is a soundproofing option to suit your needs and price tag. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work & services, yet we will try to offer a cheaper solution. However, the cost will always be determined by size, specification and level of soundproofing required to create your ideal soundproofed garage.

At the low end, your tradesperson would be insulating an existing stud wall, with the average project costs coming in at £700 for materials and £1,100 for labour per wall.

Soundproofing garages can provide a number of benefits. You can reduce airborne sounds, reduce impact noise, and improve the sound quality in your garage and get the privacy you need. Contact us to get started on your new soundproofed garage!

Our soundproofing company provides effective soundproofing materials which help with sound reduction for all types of sound. Contact us today!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require a home visit, quotation or professional, no-obligation and friendly advice.