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Wall Soundproofing London

Are you in need of some peace and quiet? Excessive noise in your home or work environment can be a major source of stress. Fortunately, Soundproofing R Us can insulate your internal walls as an effective solution to reduce the volume of sound from impact noise or airborne noise.

We provide expert fitting and high-quality soundproofing wall panels to ensure that you can get the peace and quiet you want. Our expert services are tailored to you!

Our wall soundproofing panels are designed to block out unwanted noise in residential or commercial spaces and they can also help to absorb sound within a room so that conversations don’t carry throughout your space. 

Need some peace and quiet? Call our expert wall soundproofing company today!

Batten Wall System

Thickness +/-100mm
– Compatible with Brick and Stud Walls

Genie Clip Wall System

Thickness: +-/65mm
– Compatible with Brick and Stud Walls

Independent Wall System

Thickness +/-165mm
– Compatible with Brick and Stud Walls

Like for Like Wall System

100/50mm RS60 Rockwool (dependent on the current
structure) and a 12.5mm sound shield acoustic plaster board

M20 Panel Wall System

Thickness +/-50mm
– Compatible with Brick and Stud Walls

Maxi Independent Wall System

Thickness +/-185mm
– Compatible with Brick and Stud Walls

Resilient Bar Wall System

Thickness: +-/36mm
– Compatible with Stud Walls

Wall Soundproofing Solutions London

Soundproofing R Us offers the best in soundproof insulation throughout the UK. Our products are designed to absorb sound and thereby reduce noise levels, allowing you to enjoy peace and quiet in your home or workspace. Our expert team can design and install acoustic panels for walls that are both aesthetically pleasing and effective in reducing sound by up to 90%.

To help make an informed decision as to how Soundproofing R Us can best accommodate your soundproofing needs, we apply an abundance of surefire methods for combatting external noise. Such wall systems include independent, genie clip and resilient bar systems.

Whether you’re looking to soundproof a residential space (a home or apartment block, for instance) or commercial and business properties (restaurants, offices, etc) Soundproofing R Us has you covered.

The exceptional quality of our sound insulation for walls combined with the skills of our professional staff will fill you with confidence when it comes to soundproofing your space.

If you have any further enquiries about our wall soundproofing panels, please do not hesitate to get in touch at

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There are several sound-absorbing panels to choose from, all suited to different needs and budgets. Discover our top wall soundproofing insulation below.

Batten System

This soundproof solution promises to reduce both impact and sound energy from travelling between two buildings – a great option for those wishing to keep neighbours happy.

In addition to this, customers can also expect heightened thermal insulation when soundproofing with a Batten Wall System.

Despite comprising a 50mm frame constructed from timber, which is attached to the party wall, along with acoustic plasterboard and resilient bars, only four inches of wall space is used.

This makes it a good option for those who can’t afford to lose any more room. It is also in keeping with most building regulations.

Genie Clip System

If you have a larger area to work with and don’t mind sacrificing a little of your existing wall, this heavy-duty option promises the maximum in sound reduction.

It is easy to install and requires building materials to do so.

Maxi Independent System

This version is a much more sought-after option than its predecessor; the standard Independent solution.

The addition of the M20 panel has heightened the mass per square metre by a total of 19kg. This method involves adding new timber studs to the existing area, leaving a slight air gap between the two structures for maximum effect, reinforced by the acoustic plasterboard sound shield and mineral wool.

Independent System

Need a more robust solution? We can work out magic and build an ‘independent’ wall to better protect against noise transference where you need it. If you’re looking to notably reduce impact and background noise from travelling further than you’d like, whether in an office or residential building, whilst also improving the thermal insulation, this is the solution for you.

You should expect to use up to 6.5 inches of space when installing the independent system, which involves fitting a new timber frame to the existing structure complete with an air gap between the two structures, which includes a sound shield acoustic plasterboard measuring 12.5mm.

M20 Panel System

This is one of the easier options to install, yet despite this, it is still highly effective and a great choice for those wishing to upgrade their soundproofing setup.

It’s also a popular option with those who have less room to work with, adding only 2 inches to the existing structure. Our SRU sound panels and M20 wall panels are suitable solutions for direct fixtures onto any brick walls by using a bonding agent such as a spray adhesive or sticking compound.

Resilient Bar System

Another option for those who have restricted amounts of space to work with – is the Resilient Bar System. This involves removing the face of the original wall so that the stud work is exposed beneath. This excellent wall soundproofing method acts as an acoustic sealant.

Like-for-Like System

This solution prevents unwanted sounds from travelling between separate rooms in the home and offers added thermal insulation heightened by acoustic mineral wool. Very little space is sacrificed for this solution.

Wall Soundproofing in London FAQs

Yes, soundproofing a party wall is possible and can be done in various ways depending on the level of noise reduction required. The most common methods for soundproofing a party wall involve using batten systems, Genie Clip Systems, Maxi Independent Systems, Independent Systems, M20 Panel Systems and Resilient Bar sound absorbing panels.

Soundproofing a wall can be incredibly effective in reducing noise levels. It depends on the type of wall soundproofing system chosen, and how it is installed, but most will reduce noise transmission by up to 90%. The two most common solutions are using acoustic insulation or sound-deadening insulation like resilient bars. We have effective solutions at reducing airborne and impact noise, so it’s important to choose the right system for the specific application.

There are numerous ways to soundproof walls and several products on the market that allow you to do just this.

These soundproofing solutions can be used to combat brick or stud walls, preventing sounds including everything from noisy conversations to barking dogs, crying babies, tv noise and ringing phones from travelling through walls.

Here at Soundproofing R Us, we’re equipped with both the expertise and products to tackle a variety of sound concerns, offering solutions including everything from genie clips to batten systems, independent systems and resilient bar options.

A handful of our traditional solutions, including M20 panels and SRU sound panels, can be directly fastened onto any existing brick structure, using the likes of a bonding compound or spray adhesive.

For those looking for something hardier in style, one of the independent solutions is guaranteed to suffice, allowing for the ultimate sound protection in your home.

The simple answer, and likely the answer most want to hear, is yes. When trying to reduce sound, using the likes of acoustic foam panelling is an effective and speedy way to lessen noise leaving and entering your bedroom.

Panels can be purchased in several hues and textures, meaning there a style to suit all tastes. Investing in quality sound insulation for bedroom walls helps to deaden acoustics, tackle resonating noise, and stop external noise from entering.

This depends on the room and whether you’re looking for a solution for home use or for a company.

For example, a batten system is a great option for those looking to dramatically reduce impact and airborne noise between two side-by-side properties whilst a like-for-like system is better suited to those wishing to stop noise transmitting between rooms in the household.

It’s also a great option for individuals who have little space to work with.

If you’re unsure of what soundproofing will best suit your needs or have a question about specific sound insulation materials to combat noise levels, party walls or any other solutions, speak to one of our professional advisors today.

Again, this depends on the solution you choose and the size of the walls soundproofing walls.

Some soundproofing partition wall systems are less costly as they’re required to prevent only a small amount of sound from travelling, whilst costs will be higher if installing top-quality stud wall systems into larger rooms.

There are many DIY suggestions on how to do this on the Internet, however, investing in the help of a professional company will ensure a quality job from the word get-go.

Here at Soundproofing R Us, we have options suited to all budgets and venues, meaning there is a soundproofing option to suit your needs and price tag. Speak to one of our friendly advisers for a no-obligation quote today.

Alternatively, check out our blog for top tips and tricks on how to combat noise issues. You can find this on our web page.