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Mumsnet Noise Complaints 2021: The real reasons mums are furious with their neighbours

Do you listen to Phil Collins? Do you have a loud sneeze? Have you ever put your washing machine on in the morning? – If you answered yes to any of these questions then you could be the topic of a very angry Mumsnet thread.


The Dangerous Noise Levels in Our Everyday Life

There is a substantial lack of information and ignorance surrounding the dangers of everyday noise exposure and the long-term damage it is causing us. The WHO (World Health Organisation) suggests that more than 43 million young people between the ages of 12 – 35 live with disabling hearing loss, with the majority of people unaware that they even experience any hearing difficulties. 


How to Make a Noise Complaint: The Stress-Free Guide

When a neighbour is creating a regular noise nuisance that is interfering with how you go about your day, you can begin to feel like you are no longer comfortable in your own home. 


The 13 Most Pinned Music Rooms on Pinterest & Their Colour Palettes


There are few spaces that need noise insulation for walls and floors as much as a music room. These are becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst our customers, as they look to transform unused rooms into beautiful and practical spaces.

With a surge of people choosing to invest in both their homes and hobbies over the past year, Pinterest searches for music room decor have been at a consistent high.


The Sound of Silence: The Quietest Room in World

Soundproofing R Us Anechoic Chamber Courtesy of Microsoft
Image Courtesy of Microsoft