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Defender35 and Rockwool - Floating Floor

This solution is an effective method s on the market today to drastically improve on both impact and airborne noise. Current flooring will be lifted to expose cavity between joists. A 60Kg Acoustic Mineral wool will be friction fitted between joist. The Defender35 consists of a recycled Low Resonance Acoustic Chip (LRAC) foam used has excellent impact improvement characteristics and superior stability within a single layer. Please note that floor height increase will depend on thickness of current floorboards. For Upgrades to this system – Please see upgrade tab above


Phonestar DB Boards

DB Board is a high-density sand filled board which can help to reduce both Airborne and Impact noise. These boards are 15mm thick and have a corrugated sand filled carcass. The DB board can be used on floors, walls and ceilings and has both soundproofing and thermal properties (on timber or steel framed structures). Product will be installed over current floorboards. Height increase: will add another 15mm to system

Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV50 and MLV100)

MLV50 is a 2.5mm thick rubber sheet adding 5kg per square meter. MLV100 is 5mm thick and add 10kg per square meter. The membrane is made from recycled materials and works as an excellent barrier to airborne noise.

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