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Independent Ceiling System

Thickness: +/- 165mm*Compatible with Timber & Concrete construction

This solution is one of the most effective way of soundproofing any ceiling. This solution improves on both impact and airborne noise been transmitted between two properties whilst also providing some improvement to thermal insulation. Around 6.5 inches of ceiling height will be used for this solution (or 8.5 inches if the span of the room is larger than 4.2m) *. This solution consists of a new timber frame constructed with an air gap from the existing ceiling. sound breaker bar, 100mm RS60 rock wool, 19mm sound plank (or recommended 15mm dB Boards) and a 12.5mm sound shield acoustic plaster board. *System thickness will depend on room spans


Phonestar DB Boards

DB Board is a high-density sand filled board which can help to reduce both Airborne and Impact noise. These boards are 15mm thick and have a corrugated sand filled carcass. The DB board can be used on floors, walls and ceilings and has both soundproofing and thermal properties (on timber or steel framed structures).

Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV50)

MLV50 is a 2.5mm thick rubber sheet adding 5kg per square meter. The membrane is made from recycled materials and works as an excellent barrier to airborne noise.

Green Glue

Green Glue is layered between the two layers of board. The science behind green glue is that when soundwaves hit the glue, it disperses these vibrations into smaller vibrations within the boards. These then shear along the two sides of the boards, causing friction and the glue to changes these vibrations into heat. The heat dissipates, which reduces the vibration. This conversion of energy from sound vibration to heat is called damping and this is what lays at the core of this product.

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