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New Neighbours – New Noise – Airborne Noise through party walls.

Its a fact that some people are just a bit louder than others. Clients living in their properties for year without any problems contact us after new neighbours move in.
Most party walls will be brick or block work. We need to add mass and density to these walls to reduce airborne noise. System performance will depend specification. A general rule of thumb is the more space you are willing and able to loose the better the solution can be.
Below is a review of a client that had a Batten Wall with dB Boards and Membrane fitted (Thickness: 4inches)

Been meaning to email for ages….wanted to wait to get a good view of how it worked. It has defiantly improved the quality of our lives, the sound has been minimised and is now just coming from the side walls, you are right that nothing is stopping the bass but its a bit more muffled as far as we can tell and has been up till now.

I wanted to give you a big thank you for your customer service, it was/has been/is such a stressful period for us, I never knew how much neighbour noise could affect you! It knocked me side ways! You were friendly, helpful, informative and did not pressure us…..and did not get frustrated with the amount of contact you had from us, made a horrible situation much easier and felt like there was a potential solution that we had control over, which was the only thing we had control over!
Anyway, a big thank you