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Neighbours Removing Carpets to expose original floorboards – Impact and Airborne Noise

The number one complaint we receive: Removing a good quality underlay and Carpet will have an immediate effect on both impact and airborne properties of a floor/ceiling build up. Many leases do make provision for this scenario but most will only state adequate soundproofing needs to be applied. We normally get the phonemail after the carpets has been stripped back and original floor boards restored. This makes it impractical to do any works to the floor. The best way forward is to treat the ceilings. We will always recommend our full independent ceiling if space allows but we do have slimmer systems to fit in most properties. Here is what a recent client had to say after we treated her ceiling:
System – Independent Ceiling with dB Board Upgrade

Following too many years of the most terrible impact noise caused by a bare wooden floor in the flat above by the owner who had removed the carpet and underlay, I decided to finally do something about this, because the acoustic intrusion had made the peaceful enjoyment of my home impossible.
I carefully researched the various companies offering their services, but It was an article in the property section of the Evening Standard , with a picture of a lady smiling and drinking a cup of tea, telling the story of how Soundproofing R Usl successfully soundproofed her flat, describing her ‘noise story’ and how extremely pleased she was with the results, that stuck out and made me contact Soundproofing R Us.
I have to admit that I didn’t have great expectation, but due to the severity of the noise disturbance (a dropped pencil could be heard thru out my flat), decided that any level of reduction would be an improvement and definitely worth a try.
I couldn’t have made a better choice. The results are above and beyond to the percentage of that what was quoted. The results are so amazing that I am quite literally in shock. I keep on going back into the room, actually trying really hard to hear the neighbour, it’s that quiet.
The ambient noise is gone completely. But the dreaded impact noise of foot fall, chairs being dragged, the early morning buzzing of the iPhone left on the floor, the amplified hum of the space heater motor, it’s practically gone completely, I still can’t believe it.
Most CheckATrade reviewers emphasize their reviews on how very spotlessly clean, fast, helpful, kind, courteous and professional Soundproofing R Us is. But it was only one question that I actually had and cared about: Will it actually work?
Yes it work! It really really does!

Thank you for the amazing job you and the SPRUS team have done! Within just a few days of the smoothest, perfectly organized, punctual renovation, each night leaving the site dust free, neat and all rubbish cleared, Soundproofing R US have changed my home and my life forever.
This is my message to all those who are suffering the unbearable torture of living below a noisy, in-considered neighbor: there is hope is, it works, the technology of soundproofing is there and has evolved enormously and with a true professional such a Daniel, installing the just right combination of products (the db boards are definitely worth it and make all the difference)
your home too can be a quiet one.
I wished I had done this a very long time ago!