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The 13 Most Pinned Music Rooms on Pinterest & Their Colour Palettes

The 13 Most Pinned Music Rooms on Pinterest & Their Colour Palettes


There are few spaces that need noise insulation for walls and floors as much as a music room. These are becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst our customers, as they look to transform unused rooms into beautiful and practical spaces.

With a surge of people choosing to invest in both their homes and hobbies over the past year, Pinterest searches for music room decor have been at a consistent high.

To reflect this new soundproofing trend we’ve analysed Pinterest to find the 13 most pinned ‘music rooms’ and created the perfect colour palette for each iconic style so that you can recreate the decor yourself.


#1 British Rock ‘N’ Roll – 25,663 Pins

Embodying classic rock, this room uses dark woody tones, instrument framing, and a hint of soft furnishing touches to create an inspiring laid-back vibe.



#2 Retro Vinyl Haven  – 16,579 Pins

You can create a vibrant retro feel like this by opting for a bold paint choice and using your vinyl records both for wall art and maximalist shelf-styling.



#3 Pastel Boho Chic – 13,634 Pins

Combining period features with modern furnishings, this trend executes the minimalist trend but in a striking colour palette that puts focus on the instruments.



#4 Dreamy Soft Palette – 12,021 Pins

The perfect space for clear-headed creative inspiration, this soft cool-tone trend has an effortlessly dreamlike feel.



#5 Band Art Wall – 11,964 Pins

With a blank canvas space, plaster the walls in clashing band prints and let your instruments play the main role in attaining this iconic audacious interior.



#6 Vintage Art and Amps – 8,751 Pins

Achieve this Bob Dylan-esq interior with a simple palette, vintage art, and effortless amp stacking for a practical and cool space.


#7 Clean Scandi Style – 8,423 Pins

This Scandinavian design is all about woody textures, simply designed furniture, and making the most of tight spaces.



#8 Backstage Velvet Grunge – 7,952 Pins

For the ultimate grunge-rock music interior, use exclusively dark tones, don’t be afraid of showcasing your equipment, and finish it off with a striking pop of furniture.



#9 Minimalist Equipment-Focused Snug – 6,903 Pins

When you’ve got a lot of gear and beautiful floorboards sometimes you don’t need much else to create a cosy immersive environment for making music.



#10 Lux Basement Recording Studio – 5,585 Pins

With all the feelings of a traditional recording studio set-up, these dark tones and cold textures create a glamorous yet grunge experience.



#11 Shelved Woody Set-Up  – 5,360 Pins

In a small space, a desktop studio with lots of shelving units creates some visual depth as well as giving you more room for plants.



#12 Light-Flooded Desktop Studio – 4,854 Pins

This studio set-up makes the most of the natural light and plays into the natural feel with wooden finishes and desk plants.



#13 Brooklyn-Style Garage Band – 4,622 Pins

Straight out of a coming-of-age film, this music room uses warm lighting and red hues to achieve this envy-worthy band set-up.